The need for Adequate Ventilation at Home or in the Workplace

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van02Our web promotion partners Turn Key Air Conditioning offer high quality ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, and are increasingly asked to provide these as a package. The importance of good ventilation in the home, at school or in the workplace should not be overestimated for a number of reasons. A constant source of clean, fresh air creates a pleasant environment and enables comfort and ease of breathing. Air borne pollutants are reduced and this presents a healthier setting for building occupants, students and employees. When you take into account that 50% of our waking hours are spent in the office, school or place of business, you realise how crucial the quality of the air in these buildings is. A stuffy atmosphere and stale air produce an uncomfortable environment, as well as affecting peoples concentration. Inability to think clearly will inevitably lead to mistakes and a lack of efficiency at work.

An effective ventilation system has other advantages in addition to health and comfort, as it can help to prevent the occurrence of moisture retention within the premises. Condensation and damp are often a problem where the air flow is limited, and can lead to mold growth. Also, particularly in the home, unwanted odours produced by cooking or pets are greatly diminished by a proper system of ventilation.

One method of ventilation uses natural means such as open windows, doors or air vents, enabling circulation of air around the building. This option is only feasible where outdoor air is clean and unpolluted within the buildings vicinity, and is typically ineffective in larger buildings, as the air flow lacks the power to travel. Consequently it is preferable for most organisations to use mechanical methods when removing stale air and introducing clean breathable air.

Turn Key Air Conditioning are a reputable company who specialise in ventilation systems, offering design, supply, installation and maintenance. High performance Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning or HVAC systems, from Turn Key Air Conditioning are available at extremely competitive prices. These systems have delivered vast improvements in settings such as schools, colleges, shopping centres and airports. Clients of Turn Key Air Conditioning include betting chain William Hill, Wilkinsons stores and the Premier Inn hotel chain.

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