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Why is Green Technology Important?

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Green EnergyElectrical companies are being urged to evolve and widen their skill sets, in the current climate for developing greener technologies. The UK has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and the Joint Industry Board [JIB] believes there are opportunities to be seized. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in 2020 a £3bn boost to the UK green economy to concentrate on decarbonising buildings and new systems to lower energy bills.

The government pledged a further £6.7bn recently to support the sector in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The government’s Energy White Paper announced plans to support up to 220,000 British jobs in the green sector. A greener, increasingly sustainable energy network will be created in the UK. This will see the utilisation of electric cars and other vehicles etc, solar photovoltaics and battery storage.

Electrotechnical operatives are encouraged to embrace continued professional development. JIB is hoping companies will take advantage of their Skills Development Fund. The fund offers financial assistance to those wishing to embark on courses or training in the electrical industry. This type of eligible course includes Solar Photovoltaic Installation and Maintenance, Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation (City & Guilds 2919-01) and ONC/HNC/Degree courses in sustainable engineering.

Head of Growth at the JIB and ECS, Andy Reakes said: “Once Covid-19 has been dealt with there will be a real move to set our attention again on Net-Zero by 2050 and climate change. The Energy White Paper is another example of the microgeneration and environmental market receiving further Government support into 2021.

“For companies looking to capitalise and move into new markets, the JIB Skills Development Fund can help to upskill their workforce and diversify into new and emerging technologies. If your company has been forced to reduce numbers in the workforce, it is open to those who have been made redundant. Also if you or a colleague would benefit from a helping hand to upskill, the fund may be able to provide grants to help those unemployed re-enter the workforce.”


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Busy Time for the Refrigeration Industry

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RefrigerationBusinesses that supply medical refrigeration have experienced a surge in demand for their products this year, as a result of the current pandemic. This situation has arisen throughout the UK and internationally as orders from the NHS, Europe and Australasia flood in. Companies operating within the refrigeration industry such as specialists Froscold Refrigeration, have seen orders multiply significantly. There is increased need for a variety of refrigeration related products including cold stores, medical cabinets, blood stores, ultra low temperature cabinets, both upright and chest freezer types, chillstores, ice banks, blast freezers, blast chillers, controlled atmosphere rooms and positive pressure systems.

A major reason for this increase is a requirement for additional hospital wards, temporary hospitals and community pharmacies. Temperature sensitive medicines and vaccines rely on crucial, high quality refrigeration in clinics, surgeries, hospital wards and for community care specialists. Covid-19 laboratories are also working ‘all out’ as expected, and reliable refrigeration is an essential aspect of their work.

The need for refrigeration is unlikely to ease in the foreseeable future, especially with flu season fast approaching. This has lessened the effects of a slight downturn in medium to large air conditioning installation. The closure of several large retail outlets and entertainment venues has ensured that some of these services have been placed on hold. Although many are still being regularly maintained as a legal requirement in line with health and safety regulations.

The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) has carried out a number of interesting studies alongside their Covid challenges research. They discovered that manufacturers are working to develop products that can self clean, ventilate and purify air. They also identified a need for technology which can monitor and respond to air quality via sensors and controls integrated into building management systems.


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Save Money on Fuel Bills

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According to the Energy Saving Trust, every household in the UK could be saving up to £325 per year on bills by following a few simple steps! Think about what you could spend that amount of money on. A few new outfits, a little weekend break or even a budget holiday abroad? So lets look at the ways in which you can make this happen, firstly:-

  • If your boiler is older than 6 years, it could probably do with being replaced. A modern condensing boiler can save up to £200 annually, as they are legally required to be at least 88% efficient. If you use home heating oil, it will go further with a high functioning boiler.
  • Your thermostat could be too high, and by turning it down just 1°C will save you up to 10% off your yearly fuel bill. Also check your thermostat is functioning properly and giving accurate readings.
  • Insulating your hot water tank may keep an extra £40 in your pocket a year, as opposed to it going on bills.
  • Draftproofing of windows and doors could save around £30 per year.
  • Moving sofas and other furniture away from radiators gives better heat circulation.
  • Many people leave appliances like computers and TV’s on standby 24/7, but did you know you could save up to £35 per year by turning them off when not in use?
  • Replacing existing light bulbs with LED equivalents is a good idea, they are extremely energy efficient and can last up to 50 years, so are worth the higher price!
  • Using only as much water as needed each time in your kettle can knock £7 per year off bills.
  • Lessen bills by £10 a year just by showering for a minute less each time.

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