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Folic Acid to Be Added to Flour

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Bread & FlourFolic acid is to be added to non-wholemeal wheat flour in the UK, in an effort to decrease or prevent life threatening spinal conditions occurring in babies. This decision follows in-depth consultations with industry leaders, stakeholders and the public in general. A number of countries have already added folic acid to food with encouraging results. There are around 200 neural tube defects each year in the UK, 20% of which could be avoided by the addition of folic acid. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada have long benefited from this process, and seen drastic falls in the incidence of neural tube defects.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Few things are as important as a baby’s health – and folic acid-fortified flour is a quick, simple win to enhance their development. This will give extra peace of mind to parents and families, as well as helping boost the health of adults across the country. Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid said: “We are committed to giving more children a healthy start in life. With the safe and taste-free folic acid baked into the national diet, hundreds more babies will be born healthy each year. “Focusing on preventing life-threatening health issues such as spina bifida, will ensure fewer people will require hospital treatment, and more individuals and families are able to live healthier lives.

Within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, often before the mother is aware she is pregnant, the neural tube forms the early part of the brain and spine. This is an important time in the development of a foetus, and it’s crucial that there is enough folate (Vitamin B9). Folic acid is the man-made form of folate, and its presence can decrease the likelihood of conditions such as spina bifida or anencephaly. If it were not for the high percentage of unplanned pregnancies, women could begin taking folic acid before becoming pregnant. Around one quarter of our regularly consumed groceries contain flour, so adding folic acid to this product seems extremely practical.


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Is Water Recycling an Option?

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water treatmentMost people in the UK would probably be surprised to learn that water scarcity is a real worry. This is due to the growth of the population and the result of climate change. A survey entitled ‘the Great British Rain Paradox, found that out of 2,000 Brits, 73% felt that there is enough water in the UK to meet all daily demands. Consumption of water is low on the list of environmental concerns for most, who are blissfully unaware of the real issues.

Water shortages are a real risk in some parts of the UK, while other areas of the country face a high risk of drought. The Committee on Climate Change has estimated that demand for water in England will exceed supply by between 1.1 billion and 3.1 billion litres per day by the 2050s. This will of course depend on the extent of climate change and population growth

Many feel that water recycling may be a viable option, and one company in Somerset has already launched its grey water treatment system. The all-in-one, skid-mounted, pre-fabricated system can be retrofitted into older buildings, even where there is not much space. SDS Water Infrastructure Systems say their system is ideal for smaller developments like residential and commercial buildings and hotels. This low maintenance, on-demand, automated recycling system has already been installed at the Premier Inn in Faversham, Kent.

The new technology offers a compact and cost effective water treatment solution measuring 800mm wide x 600mm deep x 1,800mm high. Its compact design allows it to easily fit through standard doorways. It can produce a flow of up to 1m3 per hour, and supplies treated water predominantly for toilet flushing. It has a two stage process using cartridge filters followed by nanofiltration. A high level of water quality is achieved by automatic backwash cleaning and intelligent chlorine dosing using dry block calcium hypochlorite.

Water treatment specialists Brookshaw Stuart, based in Halifax, offer precision built water treatment plants. They have ongoing contracts with companies such as Yorkshire Water, and supply systems which are reliable and fit for purpose.

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Why is Green Technology Important?

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Green EnergyElectrical companies are being urged to evolve and widen their skill sets, in the current climate for developing greener technologies. The UK has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and the Joint Industry Board [JIB] believes there are opportunities to be seized. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in 2020 a £3bn boost to the UK green economy to concentrate on decarbonising buildings and new systems to lower energy bills.

The government pledged a further £6.7bn recently to support the sector in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. The government’s Energy White Paper announced plans to support up to 220,000 British jobs in the green sector. A greener, increasingly sustainable energy network will be created in the UK. This will see the utilisation of electric cars and other vehicles etc, solar photovoltaics and battery storage.

Electrotechnical operatives are encouraged to embrace continued professional development. JIB is hoping companies will take advantage of their Skills Development Fund. The fund offers financial assistance to those wishing to embark on courses or training in the electrical industry. This type of eligible course includes Solar Photovoltaic Installation and Maintenance, Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation (City & Guilds 2919-01) and ONC/HNC/Degree courses in sustainable engineering.

Head of Growth at the JIB and ECS, Andy Reakes said: “Once Covid-19 has been dealt with there will be a real move to set our attention again on Net-Zero by 2050 and climate change. The Energy White Paper is another example of the microgeneration and environmental market receiving further Government support into 2021.

“For companies looking to capitalise and move into new markets, the JIB Skills Development Fund can help to upskill their workforce and diversify into new and emerging technologies. If your company has been forced to reduce numbers in the workforce, it is open to those who have been made redundant. Also if you or a colleague would benefit from a helping hand to upskill, the fund may be able to provide grants to help those unemployed re-enter the workforce.”


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