Electrical Facts That May [or may not] Shock You!

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We think electricity is amazing, especially when we learned some of the interesting and illuminating facts [‘scuse the pun] related to it. Since 1882, when inventor Thomas Edison flicked the ‘on’ switch at the world’s first power station in Manhattan, New York, the world has been fascinated and reliant on electricity. Most of us have it in our homes in some form, and feel we could not do without it, although we appreciate it’s wise to have a healthy respect for it’s clout, in order to remain safe and free from injury. This power source that we all take for granted and only notice when it becomes absent, is the subject of a number of facts which will either cause the jaw to drop or the eyebrows to raise.

1. Electric Fish

Since 2750BC in Egypt people have reportedly received shocks from electric fish, and scientists have been stunned [another pun!] to discover that over time the fish in question have succeeded in converting a muscle into an electric organ. Medics in ancient Rome recommended curing gout or headaches by touching electric fish. [we don’t!]

2. Shocking Eels

An electric eel is really a type of knifefish, which can deliver shocks of up to 600 volts. Ouch

3. Amber Friction

Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher living in 600BC, is said to have experimented on electricity by rubbing pieces of natural amber. In fact the word ‘elektron’ meaning amber, was first written down to describe the concept in 1646.

4. First Street Lamps

Mosley Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne was the first lucky street in the world, to be lit by electric light bulbs in 1879.

5. C-hair Raising Truth

The formidable electric chair was invented by Edison, although it’s purpose was not as an instrument of execution, but to demonstrate the danger of alternating current.

6. Sustainable Country

The only country to receive it’s entire electricity supply from sustainable sources is Iceland.

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