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Controlling your HVAC systems is essential for them to be fully effective, and to ensure comfort for building occupants. Heating and cooling needs can change from day to day, and being able to have ultimate control can ensure effective use of your systems. This is extremely practical and can save money spent constantly heating or cooling an area that doesn’t need it.

It’s worrying that, even where building controls are in place, an estimated 90% of them are in some way inadequate. This costs industry and commerce more than £500 million per year in energy payments. Boiler controls which are either not functioning properly or are used incorrectly can add around 5% to a fuel bill.

These facts are surprising when you consider how the systems can easily be tailored to only consume what is needed. Where staff shifts rotate, the environment can be adjusted so that lights and ventilation are not left on unnecessarily. Where factors like heating, cooling and ventilation are involved, controls can be set to respond to environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, natural lighting and carbon dioxide levels. Controls can be fine tuned and set in a number of ways to suit the building occupants and their schedules.

State of the art control systems can be set to operate during certain hours, and to switch themselves off after a certain period if no movement is detected. This results in reduced energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

Questions to think about when considering the installation of control systems are:-

  • Where are most people located at certain times of the day?
  • Can systems be turned off or down when rooms are not in use?
  • Where in the workspace could system controls be placed?
  • Where could sensors be fitted?
  • Is staff training to use these controls needed?

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