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Boiler not working? Try these 7 quick Boiler Checks before calling for help

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It’s still slightly chilly out there to say the least, although they promise there is light [or sunshine] at the end of the tunnel! This is the time of year we really need our central heating systems, yet typically this is when they start to play up. If you are having issues with your boiler, there are some simple checks you should complete before calling out an engineer. If your boiler keeps losing pressure, isn’t working properly or won’t even come on you could:-

  • Try reprogramming your boiler’s timer, things like a power cut can cause the boiler to reset. Instructions on how to do this will probably be in your manual.
  • If you have a prepayment meter, check there is enough credit, are your other gas appliances working ok?
  • Have any switches in your fuse box tripped?
  • If your boiler has lost pressure a reading of one bar or less will show, and you need to top up the pressure, by following the ‘how to’ in your manual.
  • Room thermostats which are set too low can result in the boiler not coming on, so turn it up and see if the boiler starts working.
  • Again, following the written instructions supplied with the boiler, reset the appliance, which is very likely to have a reset function.
  • Pre 2004 boilers may have a pilot light, and these can sometimes go out, but can be relit without professional help.

If you can’t get to the bottom of the trouble alone, you may want to call a qualified Gas Safe engineer from somewhere like SJB Mechanical & Engineering Services Ltd. SJB are expert heating and plumbing engineers working with commercial and domestic customers. They can install, upgrade, replace, repair and maintain a wide variety of boilers to the highest standards.

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How to Avoid Electrical Fires

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Electricity is a major part of our lives, and most of us come into contact with this source of energy several times a day without even thinking about it. We boil the kettle, put on a wash, charge our phones, dry our hair, use the shower, work on the computer and do a hundred and one other things that involve using electricity. But as we know, this power is potentially dangerous and in fact it’s the cause of around 50% of domestic accidental fires each year in the UK. Reasons for this figure include appliance misuse, lack of safety checks and cheap or faulty goods sometimes purchased online.

White goods and household appliances alone are responsible for more than five fires per day in English homes, including washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Following some simple guidelines will ensure that you and your family stay safe while using your electrical appliances.

  • When buying electrical goods, always go to a reputable retailer and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when you install, use or maintain the goods.
  • Don’t allow washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers to keep running when you are not around or asleep.
  • If you notice anything unusual about your appliance such as a strange noise or smell, unplug and contact the manufacturer or a qualified repairman.
  • Overloaded washing machines or tumble dryers can represent a fire risk.
  • Check plugs and sockets regularly for buzzing sounds [arcing], burn marks, blown fuses, tripping circuit breakers or feeling hot to the touch.
  • Make sure that the back of your fridge and freezer are free of dust build up so that air can circulate.
  • Clean food and spilled fat from the oven and hob, as this can be a fire risk.
  • Take care when using the microwave, and only use for food.
  • Register your electrical appliance allowing the manufacturer to contact you in the case of a problem being identified.

Fire Logistics Ltd supply a range of fire extinguishers for every type of fire including electrical fires. It pays to be prepared, so call them on 0191 214 6400.

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Staying Safe Around Electric

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Safety is the most important issue when dealing with electrics, either in the home or in the workplace. Due to the potential risks associated with electricity, those involved should adhere to guidelines and follow safety procedures. Business owners are particularly responsible for ensuring that workers and service users are protected, and understand how to stay safe as well as what to do in an emergency situation. It’s this awareness that limits the chance of accidents happening, or at least lessens their impact.

Businesses who do not practice this kind of safety awareness can be liable if something goes wrong and somebody is injured. There should be some form of safety training in place, preferably including applied first aid. The same applies if the company has allowed the use of unsafe electrical equipment, possibly resulting in a fine or even prosecution. Equipment needs to be regularly PAT tested and given verification that it is in full working order and fit for purpose.

In the home, appliances like microwaves, kettles, ovens, washing machines and fridges should be inspected for damage, wear and tear etc in this way, along with computer equipment. With computers, a malfunction can also cause a lot of inconvenience, negatively impacting a business.

Factory environments are vulnerable to risk of fire and explosion as there is a lot of varying types of dust produced, which may be ignited by a spark. Chemicals are also usually present, possibly turning an accident into a catastrophe. This means that safety awareness here is essential, along with testing of machinery and appliances.

For peace of mind, large electrical tools that are properly tested and maintained are available to hire from companies such as Rhino Plant Hire.

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Electrical Facts That May [or may not] Shock You!

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We think electricity is amazing, especially when we learned some of the interesting and illuminating facts [‘scuse the pun] related to it. Since 1882, when inventor Thomas Edison flicked the ‘on’ switch at the world’s first power station in Manhattan, New York, the world has been fascinated and reliant on electricity. Most of us have it in our homes in some form, and feel we could not do without it, although we appreciate it’s wise to have a healthy respect for it’s clout, in order to remain safe and free from injury. This power source that we all take for granted and only notice when it becomes absent, is the subject of a number of facts which will either cause the jaw to drop or the eyebrows to raise.

1. Electric Fish

Since 2750BC in Egypt people have reportedly received shocks from electric fish, and scientists have been stunned [another pun!] to discover that over time the fish in question have succeeded in converting a muscle into an electric organ. Medics in ancient Rome recommended curing gout or headaches by touching electric fish. [we don’t!]

2. Shocking Eels

An electric eel is really a type of knifefish, which can deliver shocks of up to 600 volts. Ouch

3. Amber Friction

Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher living in 600BC, is said to have experimented on electricity by rubbing pieces of natural amber. In fact the word ‘elektron’ meaning amber, was first written down to describe the concept in 1646.

4. First Street Lamps

Mosley Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne was the first lucky street in the world, to be lit by electric light bulbs in 1879.

5. C-hair Raising Truth

The formidable electric chair was invented by Edison, although it’s purpose was not as an instrument of execution, but to demonstrate the danger of alternating current.

6. Sustainable Country

The only country to receive it’s entire electricity supply from sustainable sources is Iceland.

Hope you enjoyed this blog full of ‘current’ facts, and we hope it wasn’t too ‘short’ for you? If you need your electrics sorting out head over to the Bardo Electrical Ltd website, where you will find a whole range of services.

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Spot the Red Flags

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Efforts are ongoing within the UK to limit the number of people, especially the vulnerable, who fall victim to cowboys, or rogue traders. Tackling this problem can be achieved by a number of means including increased local authority trading standards involvement, and making approval schemes more affordable for reputable trades people. Communication between organisations, and the sharing of intelligence is also an extremely positive step towards making the lives of rogue traders more difficult.

There have over the years, been several reality TV shows where rogue traders are set up and exposed on camera. We have all seen the footage of the TV show host accompanied by their cameraman, hot on the heels of the latest scam builder or trades person. Questions are fired at the scoundrel, who struggles to make a hasty exit while avoiding eye contact. These scenarios are entertaining, but in reality the dodgy builder, electrician or plumber often gets away scot free, usually with your hard earned cash in their pocket!

The makers of the show along with the viewers, saw first hand the devastating effects that these unscrupulous people have on their victims. Some who have shelled out thousands are left in a no man’s land, with inferior work which will not last, or sometimes only a tiny amount of the work is completed and a pile of building materials remains. It isn’t always easy to spot a bad builder beforehand, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Red Flags Include:

  • A workman who is immediately available
  • A lack of references
  • A quote which seems too cheap
  • They don’t have a landline or address, just a mobile number
  • They ask for payment in cash
  • They are vague about the project finish time or final cost
  • They don’t take the time to explain the planned stages of the work
  • They refuse to sign a contract

Allied Build in Essex offer a comprehensive construction service, and use only highly qualified tradesmen including builders, electricians, plumbers and heating engineers. Give them a call on 01245 260 860.

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Use Only NICEIC Approved Electricians

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Businesses, offices and facilities like hospitals rely heavily on efficiently performing electrics and lighting, and would have trouble functioning where there was an outage. This highlights the importance of regular maintenance carried out by experts for electrical systems. Along with an increased demand for power, managers are charged with the task of providing their businesses with energy efficient electrical solutions.

Innovations which include smart metering and clean energy are high on the agenda, making it crucial to choose an experienced, NICEIC registered electrical contractor. This means less chance of emergency call outs, and peace of mind regarding the safety of the property.

As members of the NICEIC scheme, electricians are required to meet a set of professional standards. Rigorous assessments are not only performed on joining, but are an ongoing process, carried out at regular intervals. These electricians are expected to keep up to date and comply with the latest health and safety legislation, along with technical regulations and developments. A good working knowledge of the law regarding electrical work is also needed by the electrician, and customers can rest assured that NICEIC offer personal service in the event of a problem arising.

Hiring an electrician who is not familiar with legal and safety aspects could be putting your business at risk, along with risking possible injury to any building occupants. One requirement for businesses is PAT testing, which checks that any equipment or appliances used are functioning properly and safely. Electrical wiring must be installed according to BS 7671 to fulfil Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Guidelines concerning heating and air conditioning also have to be observed by the electrician. Electrical contractors at Allied Build, are NICEIC approved and are also associate members of the Electrical Contractors Association. They offer a wide range of electrical services for domestic or commercial clients, along with carrying out projects for local health authorities..

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Make the most of your Retail Store with LED Lighting

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Lighting in the retail or entertainment setting is very rarely used to its full potential, with many lighting systems being based on traditional design and technology. Basic on/off switches are too often the norm, and lighting beyond this point is hardly considered. More enlightened companies, [excuse the pun] have made the transition to LED lighting, for greater control and versatility. Experimenting with lighting is a major part of achieving the ideal buying environment, which will not only attract customers in but will encourage them to stay longer and ultimately make purchases. In a restaurant it will create a mood, and a relaxed atmosphere in which to eat and chat.

The way a store is lit can create a discreet ambience making shopping pleasurable and comfortable. Clever illumination using LED lights is the perfect tool for designers, and one which can show off displayed products to great effect. In fact, investing in store layout, branding and merchandise without doing the same with the lighting could be a bit of a wasted effort. Shops wishing to compete against online stores are increasingly under pressure to provide the unexpected, giving them an edge, and making it worthwhile for customers to venture into them.

Customers like interaction and to be interested and engaged when browsing, and lighting tricks can play a big part in this. Whether its carefully positioned beautiful coloured light or patterns and shapes projected onto a wall, the results are usually aesthetically pleasing. Light can offer up surprises at every turn with a little imagination, and sometimes it is not immediately apparent why the surroundings feel exceptional. There are additional advantages with LED lighting such as no problems due to heat, as they remain cool to the touch, and they are also eco friendly and save the business money in the long run.

We are commercial, industrial and retail electrical contractors who specialise in all aspects of electrical shop and office fit outs including every type of lighting. Contact us to discuss your needs on 0191 438 7410.

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Don’t Become a Victim of your Electrical Appliances

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image by Sue Gordon

Let’s face it, we would all be a bit lost without our electrical gadgets, they are an intrinsic part of everyday life for most of us. They entertain us and connect us with others, warm us up or cool us down, help prepare our food and keep it hot or cold, make sure our homes are clean, safe and secure, enhance our personal look and assist if we can’t get around easily. Our businesses would not be able to thrive without electrical items, and imagine shops that sell frozen goods if there were suddenly no freezers!

The developed world has come to rely heavily on electrical appliances, the extent of which is demonstrated perfectly during a power cut. Many of us have experienced the misery of one of these events, sitting in the dark wishing we had invested in a pack of candles to the sound of the fridge contents going off.

But electrical appliances can sometimes pose a threat to our safety. According to the charity Electrical Safety First [ESF], the government is at last sitting up and taking notice of their campaign against dangerous electrical items. Gadgets such as tumble dryers and hoverboards have been in the news recently, and not for good reasons.

There is concern about the number of fake and sub standard electrical goods entering the UK, usually via online sales. ESF found that one quarter of the population have knowingly bought counterfeit goods and that one third would consider doing so, provided they compared well to the genuine article and were cheaper. Social media has played a significant role in the prevalence of fake items being sold, and the complexity of the digital market means that monitoring the situation effectively is virtually impossible.

Replicated electrical goods are often indistinguishable from the real thing, yet their lower price is enabled due to inferior components, which could be potentially dangerous. Even where appliances are genuine there are risks, with over 4 million faulty household items having been recalled by manufacturers in the past few years.

At TK Electrical, we are NICEIC approved experts in all aspects of commercial, industrial and domestic electrical work, and offer a PAT testing service which will quickly identify defective appliances. For advice about this and any other electrical related service call us on 01302 719800


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Bespoke Dust Collection Solution to Airborne Dust Hazards

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While going about our daily routine, we can expect to come into contact with a certain amount of dust and airborne particles. Although we are usually only aware of this when it makes us sneeze or rub our eyes in the case of allergies caused by pollen, or when we breath less easily, if passing roadworks etc. Dust is often very obvious during household cleaning, decorating and any other process which agitates and whips up the air. It can be seen in a beam of sunlight as tiny floating particles. This type of dust is sometimes troublesome, but generally seen as part of our living experience and not something to be too concerned about. However there are categories of dust which are not so benign, and that could easily be overlooked until it began to cause problems.

Dust which is created within the manufacturing or industrial setting brings several hazards, depending on the frequency of exposure and the source of the dust. Manufacturing generally produces dust contaminants whether its mineral, chemical, organic, vegetable, metallic dust or biohazards. This appears as a consequence of things like cutting, drilling, welding, construction, plastering, sandblasting, agitating, brushing and packing and transporting dry goods.
When inhaled on a regular basis any of these dusts can give rise to or exacerbate a number of health conditions. Asthma has become more prevalent over the years and is now a significant problem, especially where the atmosphere contains a certain amount of airborne dust. Inhaling dust in a work situation puts employees at risk of lung related disease or disability, and is the root cause of serious illnesses the world over.

Employers are required by law to implement adequate filtration or LEV systems into their manufacturing and industrial sites to address this issue. Our digital promotional partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, offer an excellent solution to the question of prevention, management and control of workplace dust. Their Unimatic dust extraction range can provide both standard units which can be delivered in around 7 – 10 days or high quality bespoke dust collection units.

Unimatic custom units are built to precise specification, and have an impressively fast turn around of 4 – 6 weeks.

Unimatic reverse jet compressed air dust extraction units are manufactured in the UK, and their modular construction and uncomplicated bolted assembly makes them ideal for any application. To contact Unimatic call 0191 262 2882

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Spectacular Home Entertainment for all the Family

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What better way to relax and unwind after a busy day, than languishing in front of your own state of the art, tailored entertainment system. A luxury that the whole family can enjoy, your system can be designed to incorporate something for every member of the household. The joys of high definition, superior performance visual and audio know no bounds as you sit back and immerse yourself into your favourite movie, show, musical feast, or perhaps you like to indulge in the latest gaming trends.

The sheer volume of choice within each price range is a little overwhelming, which is why bringing in a professional to help assess your requirements is always a good idea. The main components of a home theatre system are the display, receiver and speakers, and somebody who has experience in visual home and audio systems is ideally placed to advise on the best options for you. They can also usually arrange and install your choice and will be aware of the most suitable applications for each piece of equipment. Your options for this technology can vary from basic to extremely elaborate, giving you ultimate, streamlined control at the touch of a button.

It is important that each piece of equipment used is capable of integration into the full system and can be controlled from the same point. These impressive home entertainment systems can be manipulated from any location using a number of devices including your mobile, tablet and the internet.

Our web promotion partners Optic Control Ltd, are specialists in all forms of electrical installations including home entertainment, smart control systems and security systems. They are experts in their field, and work with major brand names like Creston, Linn, Rako, Nuvo, Bose, Lutron, Futroni, Opus, B&W, Denon and Systemline. Optic Control can complete installations such as digital compatible aerials, Sky Systems, Freesat dishes or simply a TV tune up. Optic Control work within both the domestic and commercial sector and are the preferred contractor for many large housing associations, schools, property management companies and building contractors.
Call them to discuss your project on 0800 040 7792 or 07951 915 304

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