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While going about our daily routine, we can expect to come into contact with a certain amount of dust and airborne particles. Although we are usually only aware of this when it makes us sneeze or rub our eyes in the case of allergies caused by pollen, or when we breath less easily, if passing roadworks etc. Dust is often very obvious during household cleaning, decorating and any other process which agitates and whips up the air. It can be seen in a beam of sunlight as tiny floating particles. This type of dust is sometimes troublesome, but generally seen as part of our living experience and not something to be too concerned about. However there are categories of dust which are not so benign, and that could easily be overlooked until it began to cause problems.

Dust which is created within the manufacturing or industrial setting brings several hazards, depending on the frequency of exposure and the source of the dust. Manufacturing generally produces dust contaminants whether its mineral, chemical, organic, vegetable, metallic dust or biohazards. This appears as a consequence of things like cutting, drilling, welding, construction, plastering, sandblasting, agitating, brushing and packing and transporting dry goods.
When inhaled on a regular basis any of these dusts can give rise to or exacerbate a number of health conditions. Asthma has become more prevalent over the years and is now a significant problem, especially where the atmosphere contains a certain amount of airborne dust. Inhaling dust in a work situation puts employees at risk of lung related disease or disability, and is the root cause of serious illnesses the world over.

Employers are required by law to implement adequate filtration or LEV systems into their manufacturing and industrial sites to address this issue. Our digital promotional partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, offer an excellent solution to the question of prevention, management and control of workplace dust. Their Unimatic dust extraction range can provide both standard units which can be delivered in around 7 – 10 days or high quality bespoke dust collection units.

Unimatic custom units are built to precise specification, and have an impressively fast turn around of 4 – 6 weeks.

Unimatic reverse jet compressed air dust extraction units are manufactured in the UK, and their modular construction and uncomplicated bolted assembly makes them ideal for any application. To contact Unimatic call 0191 262 2882

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