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Staying Safe Around Electric

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Safety is the most important issue when dealing with electrics, either in the home or in the workplace. Due to the potential risks associated with electricity, those involved should adhere to guidelines and follow safety procedures. Business owners are particularly responsible for ensuring that workers and service users are protected, and understand how to stay safe as well as what to do in an emergency situation. It’s this awareness that limits the chance of accidents happening, or at least lessens their impact.

Businesses who do not practice this kind of safety awareness can be liable if something goes wrong and somebody is injured. There should be some form of safety training in place, preferably including applied first aid. The same applies if the company has allowed the use of unsafe electrical equipment, possibly resulting in a fine or even prosecution. Equipment needs to be regularly PAT tested and given verification that it is in full working order and fit for purpose.

In the home, appliances like microwaves, kettles, ovens, washing machines and fridges should be inspected for damage, wear and tear etc in this way, along with computer equipment. With computers, a malfunction can also cause a lot of inconvenience, negatively impacting a business.

Factory environments are vulnerable to risk of fire and explosion as there is a lot of varying types of dust produced, which may be ignited by a spark. Chemicals are also usually present, possibly turning an accident into a catastrophe. This means that safety awareness here is essential, along with testing of machinery and appliances.

For peace of mind, large electrical tools that are properly tested and maintained are available to hire from companies such as Rhino Plant Hire.

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