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Spot the Red Flags

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Efforts are ongoing within the UK to limit the number of people, especially the vulnerable, who fall victim to cowboys, or rogue traders. Tackling this problem can be achieved by a number of means including increased local authority trading standards involvement, and making approval schemes more affordable for reputable trades people. Communication between organisations, and the sharing of intelligence is also an extremely positive step towards making the lives of rogue traders more difficult.

There have over the years, been several reality TV shows where rogue traders are set up and exposed on camera. We have all seen the footage of the TV show host accompanied by their cameraman, hot on the heels of the latest scam builder or trades person. Questions are fired at the scoundrel, who struggles to make a hasty exit while avoiding eye contact. These scenarios are entertaining, but in reality the dodgy builder, electrician or plumber often gets away scot free, usually with your hard earned cash in their pocket!

The makers of the show along with the viewers, saw first hand the devastating effects that these unscrupulous people have on their victims. Some who have shelled out thousands are left in a no man’s land, with inferior work which will not last, or sometimes only a tiny amount of the work is completed and a pile of building materials remains. It isn’t always easy to spot a bad builder beforehand, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Red Flags Include:

  • A workman who is immediately available
  • A lack of references
  • A quote which seems too cheap
  • They don’t have a landline or address, just a mobile number
  • They ask for payment in cash
  • They are vague about the project finish time or final cost
  • They don’t take the time to explain the planned stages of the work
  • They refuse to sign a contract

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