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Don’t Become a Victim of your Electrical Appliances

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image by Sue Gordon

Let’s face it, we would all be a bit lost without our electrical gadgets, they are an intrinsic part of everyday life for most of us. They entertain us and connect us with others, warm us up or cool us down, help prepare our food and keep it hot or cold, make sure our homes are clean, safe and secure, enhance our personal look and assist if we can’t get around easily. Our businesses would not be able to thrive without electrical items, and imagine shops that sell frozen goods if there were suddenly no freezers!

The developed world has come to rely heavily on electrical appliances, the extent of which is demonstrated perfectly during a power cut. Many of us have experienced the misery of one of these events, sitting in the dark wishing we had invested in a pack of candles to the sound of the fridge contents going off.

But electrical appliances can sometimes pose a threat to our safety. According to the charity Electrical Safety First [ESF], the government is at last sitting up and taking notice of their campaign against dangerous electrical items. Gadgets such as tumble dryers and hoverboards have been in the news recently, and not for good reasons.

There is concern about the number of fake and sub standard electrical goods entering the UK, usually via online sales. ESF found that one quarter of the population have knowingly bought counterfeit goods and that one third would consider doing so, provided they compared well to the genuine article and were cheaper. Social media has played a significant role in the prevalence of fake items being sold, and the complexity of the digital market means that monitoring the situation effectively is virtually impossible.

Replicated electrical goods are often indistinguishable from the real thing, yet their lower price is enabled due to inferior components, which could be potentially dangerous. Even where appliances are genuine there are risks, with over 4 million faulty household items having been recalled by manufacturers in the past few years.

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