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Can you Afford Not to Upgrade to LED Lighting?

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The future for lighting in general, seems to be mapped out, with a solution that is energy efficient, low maintenance, eco-friendly and extremely cost effective. LED lighting technology has in fact been with us since the 1960’s, but has only recently come into its own, and its usage is growing at a rate of 20% per year. There has been an enormous global push to implement LED lighting where feasible and airports, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and many other organisations have made the leap to invest in this green technology. The benefits of LED lighting speak for themselves, with longevity being a major factor. They can be left switched on for 8 hours a day, and will still not have to be replaced for around 20 years! It takes the same amount of resources to produce one LED light bulb as it does to manufacture 25 incandescent bulbs, an incredible move towards a greener future. They can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as one third, as they require less processing. They neither contain nor produce any toxins such as mercury and are completely recyclable, meaning they are kinder to the environment.

Another reason to consider replacing existing traditional bulbs with LED alternatives, is that they produce very little infrared and just about no UV emissions. This aspect is an excellent advantage for places such as museums, archaeological sites and art galleries that house many objects which are sensitive to UV or heat.

It is possible to focus LED’s where light is required most, meaning lots of scope for design within either a commercial or domestic setting, and a highly functional illumination solution. They present a myriad of creative opportunities and a host of application options.

Our web promotion partners Luxlite LED Solutions, offer a uniquely tailored LED lighting solution, with a range of high quality LED light bulbs and products manufactured to enhanced specifications. This excellent range is the result of intense consultation with users and experts in LED lighting production. Once the results of these investigations were released, development of a set of specially designed products began. Luxlite LED Solutions stock an impressive selection of LED lighting including square flat panels, ASA floodlights, LED tubes, LED strip lighting, circular flat panels, G4 & G9 dim-able lights and circular surface bulkhead lights. Customers can receive FREE delivery on all orders over £100 so call Luxlite LED Solutions on 01253 890211

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