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Protecting Homes & Businesses from Leaks & Water Damage

Eastwood Building Services Ltd are plumbing, electrical and building maintenance specialists for homes and business throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Building and maintenance work regularly undertaken by Eastwood Building Services includes:

  • Boiler installation, service and repair
  • Central heating installation, maintenance and repair
  • Installation of unvented heating and hot water systems
  • Pipe fitting and gas services
  • Electrical systems installation, rewiring and electrical fault finding
  • Joinery and glazing
  • Plastering and tiling
  • Decorating

As well as maintaining, upgrading and repairing buildings, Eastwood offer a range of services to protect property from preventable damage.

Every day, 1,000’s of homes and businesses face severe disruption and huge costs due to water damage from leaking and burst pipes.

Eastwood Building Services Ltd are authorised and recommended installers for Waterguard home protection systems. Waterguard protects homes, shops, offices and businesses from water damage. Waterguard detects burst and leaking pipes and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent damage.

Waterguard home protection systems work in two unique ways. A programmable unit monitors water usage, raising the alarm – and shutting off the water supply – in the event of unusual water flow. It has two quick-switch settings, for when buildings are occupied or unoccupied, and can be set for variable water usage by home, building or business owners. Floodguard sensors under sinks, baths or other water dependent appliances trigger water shutdowns in the event of leaking pipes or overflows.

The Series 7 protection system from Waterguard have been developed specifically for buildings – such as schools, offices or factories – that are unoccupied for periods of time. Waterguard systems operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Waterguard home & business protection systems are compatible with industrial and commercial water meters, they can reduce insurance premiums, and make significant savings on water bills.

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Protecting Homes & Businesses from Leaks & Water Damage