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TK Electrical Ltd: Sound & Light

The French have a phrase for it: Son et Lumiere – sound and light, and it usually refers to a visual and musical entertainment, often telling a story against a historical backdrop. The sound and light intertwine to create a total sensory experience. Since the very first exposition in 1952 at the Chateau de Chambord in France, spectacular Son et Lumiere events have taken place around the world including at the Pyramids of Giza, the Red Fort in Delhi and in the Loire Valley. The Queens Diamond Jubilee saw a variation on the theme as Madness played in front of a Buckingham Palace, transformed by illuminations.

On a grand scale, Son et Lumieres are truly spectacular but on a daily basis TK Electrical develop sound and lighting systems to help our clients create the perfect environment for their customers.

TK Electrical Ltd have an enviable reputation as commercial electrical contractors. Whether we are designing electrical systems for a new shopping complex or refitting a High Street store, our designers and electricians incorporate sound, light, security and power systems into an integrated whole.

Shop owners and managers have many options when it comes to electrical systems. TK Electrical install counter hearing loops, security tag systems, footfall monitoring, data transference systems, CCTV, smoke detectors and fire alarms. These electrical systems are unobtrusive and always designed to ensure a more effective commercial environment.

TK Electrical Ltd work closely with our clients to create the optimum sound and light experience for their own customers. Enhanced lighting, spotlights and shadows, mood music and more, we put the choice in the client’s hand.

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