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Effective and Affordable Fire Fighting Products Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting from www.abcmacintosh.com

Effective and Affordable Fire Fighting Products Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting from

Effective and Affordable Fire Fighting Products

ABC MacIntosh is a UK company working with an international reputation for manufacturing and supplying effective fire fighting chemicals, foams and specialist equipment. ABC MacIntosh works closely with fire fighters, fire brigades and high risk industries throughout the world, developing efficient and environmentally sensitive fire fighting solutions.

Electrical Fires - Classification of Fires

Different types of fire present different risks. Fire Risk Assessments in the UK categorise fires into 6 classes.

  • Class A Fires – Freely Burning Materials: include paper, wood and textiles
  • Class B Fires – Flammable Liquids: petrol, oil, paint
  • Class C Fires – Flammable Gases: methane, propane, hydrogen
  • Class D Fires – Flammable Metals: lithium, magnesium, aluminium
  • Class E Fires – Electrical, Computers, Fuse Box[*]
  • Class F Fires – Combustible Cooking Materials: cooling oil, grease, fats

Although Electrical Fires are often categorised as Class E, they are sometimes not gives a classification as they can involve other categories simultaneously.

ABC MacIntosh friends and marketing partners, TK Electrical are experts in all aspects of electrical installation. The most effective way to manage the risk of electrical fires is to have all electrical installations and products professionally installed and regularly inspected.

Part of the management of risk includes having the right extinguisher on hand should a fire occur. ABC MacIntosh supply dry powder and CO2 fire extinguishers that have been designed specifically for use with electrical fires

Forest Fires, Woodland Fires & Heathland Fires

ABC MacIntosh specialise in providing the right fire fighting products and equipment for every environment.

Climate change has been one important contributory factor in the increase in forest and heathland fires over the last few years. Forest fires provide a distinct challenge for fire fighters, including the simple fact that fires often occur in areas where water is hard to find, and the damage caused by fire fighting chemicals can be harmful to the environment they are designed to protect.

ABC Macintosh has developed a range of foam concentrates and additives that are highly efficient in combating woodland fires. They are also environmentally friendly, leaving no toxic wastes or residue once the fire is extinguished.

Petrochemical and Industrial Fire Extinguishers

ABC MacIntosh offers a range of products designed to extinguish single source and mixed chemical fires for the petrochemical industry.

Fluorosurfactant free foams that canbe used to extinguish hydrocarbon-based fires are equally effective in treating biofuels, ethanol and ethanol blends. Fluorosurfactant free foams give fire fighters the confidence to tackle chemical fires in any environment.

Fluorosurfactant free foams, dry powders, foam concentrates and wetting agents have also been developed by ABC MacIntosh specifically for use in nuclear facilities.

Fire Fighting Foam & Water Delivery System

Having the right foam concentrate, wetting agent, dry powder or surfactant free foam is only part of the solution.

ABC MacIntosh has created a range of mobile Fire Attack Systems designed to tackle fires in every environment. Fire Attack Systems are effective for industrial fires and forest fires and can be employed as auxiliary fire fighting units.

Fire Attack Systems from AB MacIntosh feature:

  • Over 90% water efficiency
  • Systems can be used with both foam and water
  • Provide excellent ground penetration to eliminate hotspots
  • Produce an effective heat shield for fire fighting
  • Use minimal pressure drop hoses
  • Operate from dedicated tanks or open water sources
  • Are portable and compact in design

ABC MacIntosh Fire Attack Systems are ideal for use in the most challenging of environments.

FAS Mini & FAS Ultra

The FAS Mini weighs 48 kg and is designed for mounting on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) or for use as an independent unit. It comes with its own water supply and is capable of using open water sources. The FAS Mini delivers 13 litres of water per minute at180 bar pressure.

The FAS Ultra is suitable industrial applications. Delivering 20 litres per minute at 200 bar pressure, the FAS Ultra features an LCD display for operating levels.

The Fire Attack System range can extinguish a fire with less than a tenth of the usual water consumption of a standard fire vehicle, with subsequent savings on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and pollutant run-off.

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Further information can be found on our website at www.abcmacintosh.com.

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